Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WHO Is This Kid In Our Home!??

My boy turns 12 in a couple months & for the past 10 years we've known nothing but chaos & confusion. His young years of childhood have probably been a lot of fun for him but they've been absolutely nuts for his father & me. Suddenly though, things have turned around. For the past 6 weeks Bobby has been a completely different child. There are no temper tantrums, nothing destroyed & he is helpful and kind. He's fun to be around. He has been helping daily in our large family garden, seemingly enjoying finding the veggies & uprooting weeds. I haven't a clue if this is the beginning of a new "normal" for us with our 4th child, Bobby. I pray it is.

Why is everything different? Likely the med change we did 6 weeks ago. Was on Adderal but we switched to Ritalin. Adderal was making him angry and combative all the time. Adderal worked fairly well at first but negative affects kicked in months ago & we just endured. Poor kid. He couldn't have felt good.

Other changes.....nutrition. We kicked some things out of our diet! Things like processed foods, all sugar, caffeine, meat & dairy products. We replaced all that crap with literally piles of veggies, fruits, grains, beans and nuts. This change was done almost 5 months ago and Bobby's recent blood work is showing a TOTALLY healthy boy, responding WELL to serious nutrition, eating LOTS & growing much faster than before. YEAH!!

I'm trying to embrace things in life as they come. I have no idea if this heaven-on-earth is going to last long. (We are just a year away from teen years!) But this I know, TODAY is beautiful and no matter what happens, tomorrow will be as well. Bobby, since the day we met you when you were just 11 1/2 weeks old, we have loved you to the moon and back. What a spectacular kid you are!!

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