Sunday, June 17, 2012

Switching Meds - Ugh!

Going to keep this one really short but vent a bit to free my cluttered mind & heart. Putting it bluntly, changing meds really stinks! It bothers me tremendously to have my little boy taking a powerful drug every day of his life. We have chosen an extremely healthy lifestyle for our family this year & we love the results. But every single pill saddens my heart. I wish we could completely eliminate this treatment. Maybe someday. The 4 days after quitting Adderal became increasingly awful in our home. Bobby couldn't focus, made worse impulsive decisions & wasn't really enjoyed by anyone. Sad, but true. Not his fault. This is a demon no child deserves. Unfortunately the Ritalin (which he has never taken) doesn't kick in quite as quickly so those withdrawal days were complicated by the lack of medication. No win. Today is better. He is more responsive, more respectful and even-keeled in his disposition so far. The thing is, the medicine DOES help Bobby. He is an off-course missile without it. This is not a case of parents just not wanting any noise or movement in the house OR teacher wanting comotose children in the classroom. Bobby's brain needs the adjustment or he is a danger to himself. I'll keep on this path until after our family road trip. Probably wouldn't be safe for any of us to pull him off meds while spending whole days touring the grand national parks of our country. But when we return I think I may attempt a week of it just to see who my boy really is without medical intervention. It's been 5-6 years of meds so it's time. Oh dear----everything just got quiet. Time to go find Bobby. Where is that boy?!?!!!


HynesMom said...

It is soooo hard. We are off meds for summer and doing really well, but I know that once school starts back up that will all change. I wish there were better answers, better drugs, better ways of managing this disturbing disorder.

Charlotte said...

Hang in there! After the withdrawal from Adderal, things are WONDERFUL. Ritalin is working very well. Appetite HUGE in comparison to old meds. Attitude terrific. Perfect behavior almost! What a road we're on, huh?!