Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why No Blogging for 7 Months?

Let's jump right in. Last fall our world fell apart. The journey had never been easy but so many things began to crash around us. It was clear that our focus would not be on Bobby for awhile. To get the ball rolling, his grandpa was suddenly diagnosed with a terminal illness. Within 3 weeks of hearing this news we watched him pass. There will be a separate blog just about that experience. It was a very sad time. Then I was sick for 2 months & couldn't shake my illness.  Our sometimes reckless teen began to respond to the needs in his heart. He was acting out. His actions and words were heartbreaking. We then spent 3 very painful months addressing our son's needs from the inside out. Thankfully, those steps brought relief into our home. More on that later. Just as our world was beginning to feel a bit of calm, my dear friend and co-teacher in 1st grade died in a car accident. She was 39. The darkness that engulfed me for the entire winter immediately smothered my life. Every step was a challenge. We've all felt pain. Recovering from that pain takes time and baby steps. Now that time has begun to heal, I have to share the wonderful news about improvement in our Bobby's 14 (almost 15) year old life! Watch for the next blog post. And thanks for reading. I love this kid to the moon and back...forever!

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