Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sneaky, Smart & Computer Passwords

He's smart but sneaky & he knows just how to get around those locked up computers. It's easy. When the computer owner steps away from their computer (for even 2 minutes) rush over and hit "control panel." From there a sneak can set up what has become notorious around here as the "guest account."
Our boy is smart! Bobby has adhd but this isn't adhd behavior. This is something any smart & sneaky child can accomplish in one unattended minute! This behavior has been punished repeatedly. You would think by now he'd understand that he doesn't get to use computers he hacks. But no, it happens almost every single time we let him "earn" some computer time. Most recently, last evening.
Laptop on in the living room, we were out of the room, getting into costumes for a Christmas drama. Late that evening as I was shutting down my computer I decided to check the control panel. Sure thing. There was a guest account. Our sweet boy had gone to bed without any difficulties (likely pretty jazzed about getting up a few hours later to play "Age of Empires" his favorite game).
Trying to stay a few steps ahead of Bobby is a workout. He's smarter than a whip and just as loaded with naughtiness. We wouldn't want him up all night looking for trouble so we always shout out "the guest account is off" so he doesn't bother getting up later. We also remind him of consequences and that the computer will now be off limits a few more weeks.
We are doing everything we possibly can to provide our son with things to do and time spent together. Hobbies, books, games, family trips and time. This home is loaded with activity. (Not the latest gadgets preteens beg for!) But some days it just doesn't seem like enough for him. Some days it would just be easiest to hand over the psp he wants to move on. But for us....this just isn't the right path. Here's to quality time and making it over another hurdle.

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Candace McLane, MA said...

We are living similar issues at our house- with 4 children with ADHD. We use "k9 safe search" to limit time on the computer as well as content. I agree, these kids would seek the computer whether or not they had ADHD.