Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sugar, Sugar! (Not my typical short entry!)

There was a time several years back when we removed all sugar from Bobby's diet. That lasted 2 weeks. We saw absolutely no difference. True, we have seen him spiral out of control after a sugar-filled drink or trip to favorite neighborhood ice-cream stop. But, the day-to-day sugar consumption really never seemed to be a big deal to us. 

Then we took a long look at what we were putting into our mouths. We began to read reputable studies on nutrition and our children's health (& our health). What we have decided as a couple, is we're going to think outside the typical American diet from now on. SUGAR (brown & white) was at the top of our list to eliminate. We aren't focused on Nutritional labels on foods but INGREDIENT labels. This has made a difference for us.

Bobby is still an active, inquisitive, headstrong boy who is heading faster than we'd like to believe, toward his teen years. He doesn't just accept our word without challenge. BUT, he has what once was a rare "calm" about him when he reads, discusses current and historic events and gets involved with chores without being asked. Could he be just "snapping out" of his obnoxious ADHD childishness? I think not. Something changed. We believe it was a combination of things. 

We're paying close attention to his diet now, most importantly, removing all sugar from our home. Huge step. Not everyone can do this. Wait, let's rephrase that. Not everyone would want to take this on. Why not? If I could sit here and think of ONE good thing sugar does for my system, for my son's growing body, developing brain.... I might keep it. But I can't. We simply ate it because it tasted better than everything else and made a wonderful dessert. The only desserts that are good are ice cream, cake, candy and cookies. Right? 

Our journey has taken us down a long path. ADHD has been the ride of our lives & to see nutrition play such a big part in a turn-around, makes writing this blog entry so important. We aren't in the medical profession, but we have exceptional doctors, upstanding in our community, who believe in this course. I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that any ADHD child whose parents choose to really get on a healthy course, will be one blessed child! 

We decided to put as many natural vitamins (vegetables and fruits) into growing a healthy boy. Salads, fresh kale and spinach, lots of fruits, grains & nuts are now part of every single day. Not just a "part" of every day but these foods ARE our new diet. These healthy foods have never been associated with obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and myriads of other life-threatening diseases. That's why we're eating them so much! Bobby is getting enough protein & calories based on the RDA. His growth is in line for boys his age. He is sleeping well. There are no adverse affects of eating healthfully.

Does Bobby ever eat foods with sugar or that are processed? We've chosen to allow those things on occasion when we go out. Not in every meal. That wasn't healthy. We don't go to fast-food restaurants anymore. We don't go out for dinner regularly but when we do go out, Bobby can order whatever he wants. And when we're home, we make sure there are lots of "treats" that he likes! Frozen fruit smoothies, fresh-squeezed juices, delicious mangos and avacados. We haven't "limited" our diet--but broadened it immensely! Here's to raising healthy kids & helping them make good food choices that will truly shape their future!

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