Thursday, March 6, 2014

"Just A Boy" or ADHD?

He's 13 now. We've been collecting stories of our experience for years and any "one" of those stories could be plucked from the bio of any modern-day American boy. Or any boy, really. The truth is, these stories are our existence. Day-to-day and hour-by-hour. Our boy shoots from the hip, then thinks. This thinking is only present if the outcome of the situation has affected him in any adverse way. Otherwise, there is no time for reflection as the next "event" is already under way. to capture this energy and force into good doesn't happen simply by desire.
Bobby's dad and I talk throughout every single day, of ways we can reach him and work to motivate good. Often our first words are "Is Bobby up?" or "Where is Bobby" and as we fall asleep, if we aren't saying these same words, we are no-doubt thinking them. Because of the intensity of Bobby's behavior in spite of diligent and continual efforts on our part, we have agreed with our physician's diagnosis of ADHD. Yes, Bobby's "just a boy." Just a boy with ADHD.
If I could look into the future I would not see calm at any point in his life, not for the next few decades. As for hyperactivity & misbehavior, I pray that with consistent boundaries, modeling appropriate life behaviors and regular outlets for exercise, our son will grow into a young man who is proud of his place in life and what he accomplishes. In the last 2 weeks Bobby has managed to get into his normal share of trouble in and out of school. We've talked, worked through and resolved numerous infractions, the details of which are unimportant here. It's the stuff we parents go through with our special kids.
Some days I laugh and some days I cry. I never know ahead what's coming. Maybe that's good. But what I do know is one day at a time is best and sometimes I take it all minute-by-minute. Right now he is sleeping. I think. It's quiet anyway.